Legal Poker For Connecticut Residents

Poker is a time-honored American pastime—a long-time favorite of gambling enthusiasts across the nation, and in the state of Connecticut, in particular. The laws and regulations that concern poker, however, are sometimes difficult to properly evaluate and assess. Connecticut is a good example of this. The state’s general stance is that gambling, and poker in particular, are frowned upon—and yet there are so many exceptions that legal Connecticut gambling opportunities are never too difficult to find. Those who live in the state and wish to gamble can do so in one of the state’s Native American casinos; they can do so in private homes; and online gambling, while not explicitly sanctioned by the law, is something that is totally safe and acceptable for Connecticut gamblers.

This page will seek to examine these topics in greater depth and detail. The page—intended to provide general information to Connecticut’s gaming population—will begin with a few basic comments about the state’s gambling laws. From there, we will examine a few of the finer points of Connecticut’s land-based, live poker opportunities, and we will conclude with a comment or two about online poker in the State of Connecticut.

Connecticut Poker Laws & Statutes

To begin with, it is important to set the tone for Connecticut’s poker laws. As we have stated, Connecticut might accurately be termed a state in which gambling is generally discouraged, but in which numerous exceptions apply. These exceptions—combined with recent overtures to fully legalize online gambling—might lead one to the conclusion that, if the state is not exactly permissive in its attitudes concerning gaming, it is growing more progressive all the time.

For those who live in Connecticut and who wish to play cards, there are really three options. One option is to engage in a friendly, social game, in someone’s home; social games are expressly protected by Connecticut law, though the law does not really define what constitutes social play. Another way to play is to visit one of the state’s Native American casinos; there are only a couple, but they do offer table games. Finally, online poker rooms are safe options for Connecticut gamblers—but more on that later.

Is it Legal to Play Online Poker in Connecticut?

The next topic on which we might offer comment is online poker. This is a bit of a more complicated topic. We have already mentioned that Connecticut lawmakers have openly discussed the possibility of making online gambling totally legal and state-sanctioned, but, at this point in time, online poker is not expressly allowed by Connecticut’s laws. With that said, it is important to note that, while it is not legally-sanctioned, it is also not unsafe.

On the contrary, online poker is something that Connecticut gamers can participate in, without fear of legal penalties. Online gambling is not prosecuted in Connecticut, and in fact, it represents the easiest and more convenient way for most Connecticut poker lovers to play.

Can I Get into Trouble for Playing Online Poker Connecticut?

Another way to ask the same question is to ask this: Will Connecticut residents find themselves in any legal trouble for playing in online poker rooms? The answer to this question is no. Again, the important thing is to make a critical distinction between state-sanctioned and safe; online poker rooms may not win the express approval of Connecticut’s lawmakers, but neither do they win express condemnation.

The way most online gambling laws work is to penalize those who own and operate gambling sites—not necessarily those who simply play in online poker rooms. That’s very much the way it is in Connecticut, where those who wish to play in some above-board, respectable online poker rooms can do so, without having to worry about legal hassle.

Legal Poker Sites That Accept Connecticut Players

For many Connecticut residents, a hobby playing poker can feel like a distant luxury. Most hard working people in Connecticut simply don’t have time to plan their days around scheduling tournaments in faraway poker rooms, and so their wished to play go unfulfilled. However, this does not have to be the case. Through the legal poker sites listed below, Connecticut residents can find an experience not only comparable to land based poker rooms, but superior.

Bovada Poker - Most Trusted Online Poker Room For Connecticut

The first place to start is always with the best. When it comes to legal online poker, the words “best” and “Bovada” are practically interchangeable. In its over 20 years of service, Bovada has boasted the most games, the best tournaments, and, most importantly, the most secure and easy to use financial system around. The best part about an account with this legal online poker room is that users never have to worry about where there money has gone while they’re sitting at the table. As one of the internet’s longest running businesses, money deposited in (321) 232-0600 is as safe as money spent with Amazon or eBay.

Maybe the best part about playing with Bovada is the devotion they show you to making online poker as fun and as profitable as humanly possible. Through various tools offered exclusively by this legal poker site for Connecticut residents, players have the chance to grow into the strongest poker player they can be. Take advantage of features like the rabbit cam and an archive of all the hands you’ve been dealt complete with statistical analysis, and you’ll be holding your own against the world series of poker guys in no time.

BetOnline Poker - All Connecticut Players 18+ Welcome Here

As one of the up and coming businesses in the legal online poker game, BetOnline has a lot to prove to discerning Connecticut residents. That’s ok though, because by every possible measure, BetOnline stacks up. The software hosted by this excellent online poker room holds millions of users at hundreds of thousands of tables simultaneously, delivering a full on blaring casino experience right into their customer’s living rooms.

If BetOnline were to run into any skeptics, they would leap at the chance to prove them otherwise. In fact, they literally throw money at any Connecticut residents who are willing to give them a try. Whenever a new account is opened and money is put in, it’s not just that money that can be used anywhere in BetOnline's poker room, but a full 200% that is returned incrementally in bonus money. BetOnline literally pays players for using the service initially, win or lose just to show that when it comes to online poker, BetOnline is a force to be reckoned with.

Legal Connecticut Poker Sites Welcome Bonus What To Play Site Rating
Bovada Poker (630) 593-0229 $1,000 FREE - 100% Match Hold'em - Omaha Hi/Lo - Stud Hi/Lo
BetOnline Poker 5816966789 Maximum $1K: 200% Rate Texas Hold'em - Omaha Hi/Lo
SportsBetting 252-657-5530 200% Match / $1,000 Max Texas Hold'em - Omaha Hi/Lo
5Dimes Poker Play / Sign Up Vary Weekly - Check Website Texas Hold'em - Omaha Hi/Lo

Does Connecticut Have Legal Land-Based Poker?

With all of these legal questions out of the way, the next question to consider is that of where Connecticut natives can play cards. There are two categories to address here—live, land-based poker games, and online poker. As we have noted already, the options for land-based play are largely confined to private homes and to the couple of Native American casinos in the state.

Online poker rooms, on the other hand, are far more numerous. There are plenty of online poker sites that are eager and willing to accept players from Connecticut. As such, those who live in the state and wish to play poker may find that the Internet is the best place to turn.

Legal Land-Based Poker Rooms For Connecticut Players

The next topic to address is that of poker’s legality, specifically as far as live, land-based games are concerned. Again, poker is largely seen as something that Connecticut’s laws do not allow, but there are some exceptions. There are a couple of casinos in the state; depending on where you live in Connecticut, these casinos may or may not provide you with convenient and appealing places to play poker. And, for those who wish to play cards in more of a social setting, it is possible to do so safely.

Future of Poker/Online Poker in Connecticut

So what does the future hold for Connecticut and its laws concerning poker? No one can say for sure, but it is not unreasonable to think that the full legalization of online gaming—and a generally more open view of gambling—could be in the state’s future. The state has already made some tentative moves in that direction, which should be enough to give hope to Connecticut’s gaming enthusiasts.

For now, though, those gaming enthusiasts can rest assured that safe and legal poker opportunities do exist in the state. They’re found in homes and in casinos, but mostly they are found on the Internet. Simply put, online poker represents the safest and the most convenient way for Connecticut poker buffs to play.


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